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Etheldia is a fantasy RPG series, currently consisting of two released games, with a third game in development.

Etheldia Games:

Etheldia: Parasomnia Tower

Etheldia: Parasomnia Tower will be the next game in the franchise and where my efforts are currently focused.
Etheldia: Parasomnia Tower is a tactical strategy monster taming RPG.
Currently the game is in very early development so be sure to follow the Youtube channel to keep up with progress.

Etheldia: Pepper

Etheldia: Pepper is a monster taming RPG that was released for PC on Steam April 15th 2020.
Featuring 60 unique species to recruit, an open ended progression system and even a Nuzlocke mode, Etheldia: Pepper has endless replayability.
With the release of post game content in Oct 2020 work on Etheldia: Pepper has ended barring game breaking bug discoveries.

Etheldia: Online

Etheldia: Online was the first game released in the series on April 5th 2015.
A browser based sandbox monster taming MMO, Etheldia: Online is rough around the edges but contains incredibly intricate systems and mechanics with great depth developed over six years.
If you're someone who loves technical RPG strategy gameplay and doesn't mind the occasional grind, this game was built for you.
Development is current focused towards other projects but this game will definitely see big updates in future.

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