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Etheldia is a turn based online RPG with a fantasy theme. Developed using the Godot engine, Etheldia was released on the 5th of April 2015 and is a continuing project. Short term goals for Etheldia are the improvement of graphics and the development of an active community to play and test the game.
Long term goals include pvp battles, player guilds and co-op quests,and eventually large story modes that function like stand alone games.

v1.22 News 12/8/18:

-Fusion system!

After several weeks of work the fusion system is finally up! Humans can now mount horses to become knights.
To get a knight, take a human character and a horse to the barn in the farm area east and south of the earth tribe and interact with the stepladder.
You can mount and dismount as many times as you'd like, swapping horses and riders. I've put some more detailed info on how it works on the about page.
The UI for the fusion system is pretty bad atm even for my standards so I'll work on improving that for the next version.
The pinnacle of what the new system currently allows:
Now I've finished the fusion system I'll get back to new animated map avatars and general progress.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

A fun world to explore

Etheldia is vast and complex. It offers a expansive world to explore with a turn based battle system.