Etheldia is a turn based online RPG with a fantasy theme. Developed using the Godot engine, Etheldia was released on the 5th of April 2015 and is a continuing project. Short term goals for Etheldia are the improvement of graphics and the development of an active community to play and test the game. Long term goals include pvp battles, player guilds and co-op quests, and eventually large story modes that function like stand alone games.

Movement: Arrow keys
Storage: S key when in base
Inventory: I key
Interact: Spacebar


The Etheldia breeding system is vast and complex and so I'll split it into sections to discuss.

Beginner: The breeding system can be accessed from any base, and can be attempted once per server day.
Breeding can be attempted between characters of the same species or between compatible characters of different species, eg elemental tribe and plains tribe.
Different species have different breeding rates, for example rabbits are guaranteed to produce a baby each day, while feline species have a 1 in 7 chance.
Some rare or mythical species have very low breeding rates, such as dragons which produce a baby roughly every 90 attempts.

Intermediate: Along with species, babies may also inherit subspecies, attributes and even abilities from not only their parents but all of their ancestors.
Species may have default subspecies such as rabbits, or always take the subspecies of one of their parents or ancestors such as dragons.
To maintain rarity, the chance of a parent or ancestor passing on subspecies, attributes or abilities begins high but quickly diminishes with each descendant produced.
A character which has inherited attributes or abilities is unable to themselves pass these on.
A character which has inherited subspecies is also unable to pass this on but will slightly increase the chances of the original ancestor passing it on.
Any attributes gained or abilities learned after birth will be able to be inherited by descendants.
Characters may also be born gifted. Gifts are usually one, sometimes three and in very rare cases nine per level boosts to base stats.
Gifts can be passed down to descendants simularily to attributes, and characters can have multiple gifts.

Advanced: Every character born in Etheldia gains elemental buffs and debuffs unique to the second of their birth.
Firstly the character is given a Zodiac sign based on which segment of the Etheldian year the birth falls in.
The elemental buffs/debuffs are then calculated relative to the current positions of the sun, moons and planets in relation to their sign.
Characters also receive birthright stat boosts if planets are positioned within the house of their sign, and special moon effects if two are within the house.
In very rare cases characters may also be born albino, a heritable trait that changes sprite appearance.

Professional: Two otherwise incompatible species may be bred using a special item: Stork's Bundle.
The species with the lower chance is used to determine breeding rates, eg rabbit and dragon pairing will have approx 1 in 90 per attempt.
Species of the baby will be randomly determined from the two but may still inherit attributes and moves from the other parent.
Characters are also given bloodline markers at birth, based on the marker of the parent selected first.
Bloodline markers contain the name of the first parent in the line, a random string and the generation number.
If the first parent has no marker, it will become the first of a new line and a new marker will be created.
Bloodline markers can be used to price or assess characters potential value for further breeding.


The fusion system takes the level and experience of only one character, but the abilities of both.
The base character from which level and experience are derived will be the character with the greater number of wins at the time of fusion.
If both characters have the same number of wins, the character that was added to the database first will be chosen.
Any battles won and levels gained during the time in which the characters are fused will be awared to the base character and revert to the base character upon seperation.
The abilities of the fused character will be derived first from the base character and then from the secondary character if it possesses abilities not known to the base.
Any experience gained during the time in which the characters are fused and any new abilities derived from these will follow the character that originally possessed them following seperation.
For example, suppose a lv2 Fire Male is fused with a lv10 Brown Horse to form a lv10 Fire Knight. The Fire Knight gets Attack and Poke from its base, the Brown Horse.
The Fire Knight also gets Magic, Fire and Cinder from the Fire Male secondary character, which the Brown Horse did not know. Suppose the Fire Knight then grows to lv30, and learns Fireball in the process.
If the character is then seperated, the result will be a lv2 Fire Male with Magic, Fire, Cinder and Fireball, and a lv30 Brown Horse with Attack and Poke.
Fused characters may be bred, however if the resulting character is a character usually obtained by the result of fusion, it can never be seperated into its parts.