v1.29 News 28/10/18:

-Halloween char - Violet!

This years Halloween character Violet is now obtainable, along with Halloween characters from previous years.
Violet can be found lurking around the water kingdom and will be available until roughly 4pm PST on the 4th of November.
Tame one while you can! Previous years Halloween characters have also returned albeit at lower encounter rates.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.28 News 15/10/18:

-Created a new treasure chest system so chests can only be looted once per player.
-New weapon - Swamp Axe.
-Transparency issue fixed on Sebright sprite.

Treasure chest system will be used with the upcoming dungeon I've been working on.
For the time being you can explore the swamp to find a treasure chest with the new swamp axe weapon!

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.27 News 7/10/18:

-New character Sebright.
-Updated breeding system to guarantee success after certain number of attempts.

Been super busy over the last month with University and work but hoping to return to decent weekly updates.
Sebright can now be found across several maps on the west side of Etheldia.
Nobody likes to be really unlucky, so I added some code so that a pair will automatically produce an offspring after a set amount of attempts have failed.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.26 News 9/9/18:

-Post battle page background.
-Post battle page navigation arrows.
-Fixed the offset caused by levelling up.

Post battle page is now complete! Pretty happy with how it turned out, now I just need to get the rest of the site up to the same standard.
Working on a new dungeon set in the sky among other things. As always let me know if there's anything you'd like to see development of prioritized.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.25 News 2/9/18:

-Animated post battle page.
-Cards can be shuffled through.
-Updated fire rabbit sprite.

Didn't get a whole lot of time this week but I'm really happy with how the post battle page is coming along.
You can now use the up and down keys to flick between the characters, and the right key to progress back to the map.
Still got a bit more to do before I'm finished with the page, and hopefully I'll get that done over the course of the next week.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.24 News 26/8/18:

-Sand magic and spells.
-Fixed a bug where Map16 would just crash the game.
-Updated post battle page.

Spent most of this week working on the new post battle interface.
There's still a lot more I want to do with it including animations and a background but it's functional for now, simply click on a card to view the one underneath.
On a whim I added camels and created sand magic spells that they'll learn upon levelling. Everyone one loves camels right?
Map16 still needs some work.
Still procrastinating on animated map avatars...

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.23 News 19/8/18:

-Seagulls now appear in the Water Kingdom at a 10% rate.
-Fixed a bug where random text would appear in the Spirit Shrine.
-Fixed the exit location upon leaving the Spirit Shrine.
-Fixed a bug where the inventory arrows would sometimes remain on screen.

Spent this week redesigning Map16, which is the one to the north of the air tribe.
It's still a work in progress and some strange things might happen atm if you try to run down the mountain side, but it should be a cool effect when finished.
Next up maybe post battle UI and visuals? Still procrastinating on animated map avatars...

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.22 News 12/8/18:

-Fusion system!

After several weeks of work the fusion system is finally up! Humans can now mount horses to become knights.
To get a knight, take a human character and a horse to the barn in the farm area east and south of the earth tribe and interact with the stepladder.
You can mount and dismount as many times as you'd like, swapping horses and riders. I've put some more detailed info on how it works on the about page.
The UI for the fusion system is pretty bad atm even for my standards so I'll work on improving that for the next version.
The pinnacle of what the new system currently allows:
Now I've finished the fusion system I'll get back to new animated map avatars and general progress.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

v1.21 News 5/8/18:

-Fixed a breeding bug caused by a missed bracket.
-Increased the success rates for breeding across most tiers.

Still working on the fusion system, knight sprites are all ready to go and barring major disaster it should be up next version!

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 29/7/18:

-HP now displayed as a fraction of maximum player HP.
-Candlestick and campfire animations, credit of Rhisis.
-Barn added to farm area.
-Dialog box and text updated for NPC above the air tribe.
-Spelling error in Normal Guild fixed.

Spent a lot of time this week working on the fusion system and finished all the backend code and testing for it.
Should be able to finish the sprites and the front end code within the next couple of weeks.
Thanks as always to Rhisis for her continued work on improving Etheldia!

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 22/7/18:


-Updated water slime sprite, credit of Rhisis.
-Updated sky slime sprite, credit of Rhisis.

Horses can now be found in the farm area south west of the Earth tribe.
There's sixteen different horse designs to collect of various rarities.
Planning on a future feature for human players to be able to mount horses and effectively fuse the two characters.
Fused characters will have increased base stats and retain the abilities from each character.
Thanks as always to Rhisis for her continued work on improving Etheldia!

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 15/7/18:

-Fixed a bug where Overdrive speed and attack raises weren't carrying between battles.
-Defense buffs now carry between battles.
-Fixed a bug where you could shift target indicator during attack animations and kick your own party members off the screen.
-New swamp grass tile, credit of Rhisis.

Small update this week as I've been mostly working on upcoming features and graphics for a new dungeon.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 8/7/18:

-Updated Blue Wanderer sprite.
-Updated Caelum sprite, credit of Rhisis.
-Archery and Singing animations, credit of Rhisis.
-Rabbits and Pink Rabbits can now equip night robe designs, credit of Rhisis.
-Recruited characters are now properly assigned a zodiac.
-Recruit abilities should now show up on the exp page post battle.
-Fixed a bug where the bunny ears item dropped at a really high frequency in the desert.
-Fixed a bug where battle would crash after recruiting and releasing the final enemy.
-Fixed a bug with healing not working properly for characters born with gifts.
-Fixed a bug where the Kasumi Village was unenterable following story mode completion.
-Hopefully fixed a bug with energy following the defeat of a player character.

Mostly a bug fix update this week.
Thanks to Rhisis as always for her contributions to the site!
Been working on some character sprites for a new dungeon that will hopefully use the co-op multiplayer mode I've also begun to develop.
Ideas and input on what to improve or work on next are always appreciated.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 1/7/18:

-Battle animations!
-Created a catch and release option for recruiting.
-Fixed a bug with the Earth Tribe houses.
-Breeding check to prevent inbreeding.
-Fixed a bug that allowed teleportation from earth to water kingdom through the castle.
-Earth tribe can no longer be randomly entered from the side.
-Increased power of aoe abilities.
-Caramilk chocolate bunnies can now equip shadow capes.

Big update this week!
Battle animations will now trigger based on which main type of move you select.
I'm hoping that steadily improving the visuals of the game will help with enticing and retaining new players.
Still need to add the enemy animations, and I'm planning on adding some hit and buff effects for the targetted characters.
The catch and release feature is a feature I've had in mind for a long time and finally got around to making.
It means players can work on levelling up their taming skills without flooding their storage with bunnies.

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 24/6/18:

-New character - Axolotl
-Affinity buffs and debuffs determined by the position of the planets at birth are now supported in battle.
-Fixed a bug with the Earth Tribe houses.
-Fixed a breeding oversight where descendends only incremented for parents and not ancestors.

Still working on making breeding system stuff a bit more smooth.
Thinking of creating some simple battle animations to help with new player retention.
I've also been looking into supporting co-op gameplay and the ability to form a party with other players and explore.
This will be a much longer term project as I've never done anything multiplayer related before and a lot of the code will need re-working to support it.
Ultimately though I have some cool ideas for its implementation and I think being able to adventure with friends will bring a lot to the site!

Looking to create a community on the Etheldia Discord, come along if you want to chat about Etheldia, game development, coding, art, or just life in general.
That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 17/6/18:

-Swords Guild
-New ability - Fighting Stance
-Gift and birthright stat effects are now implemented
-Breeding system tweaks and fixes

The swords guild is now open! Find it in the Fire Tribe.
With the gift and birthright effects now added I'm going to focus on getting affinity bonuses to work for next weeks update.
Get in touch if there's something you'd like to see in the game!

That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 9/6/18:

-Breeding system fixes and UI improvements. -Fixed a bug with exiting the tribe houses.

Without internet at the moment but hoping for a bigger update next week.

That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 27/5/18:

-Breeding system!

Apologies for this very delayed update, but the breeding system is finally released.
It's still very ugly and a lot of the features are yet to be implemented in the actual site, but it's working!
This breeding system is probably the most advanced ever created for a video game and so rather than talk about it in too much depth here I'll update the about page in the near future.
Will work on making things look better and thoroughly testing implementation over the next few days.

That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 6/5/18:

-Fixed a bug with the class guild quest creation.
-Added assets to make the castles seem less empty.

Been working almost exclusively on the breeding system so just a small update today.
Breeding system has been progressing really well, the code for it is almost completed and then it's just the implementation.
Hoping to have it ready for next weeks update!

That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 22/4/18:

-Zodiac system!

I've spent the last two weeks creating an original zodiac system for Etheldia.
Each character has been randomly assigned one of twelve unique to Etheldia zodiac signs.
Based on movements of planets in a simulated solar system, characters will gain elemental bonuses when planets occupy their signs.
The signs are as follows:
Himera - Dragon sign
Solhana - Sunflower sign
Kin - Gilded Mirror sign
Eruma - Elephant sign
Erinity - Unicorn sign
Zyx - Rabbit sign
Gerub - Frog sign
Silix - Dove sign
Tithe - Shark sign
Laplace - Polar Bear sign
Elveden - Poison Chalice sign
Tendrashe - Phoenix sign

The planets are as follows:
Cerinthe - Normal planet
Eridian - Earth planet
Minos - Water planet
Adiri - Air planet
Zar - Fire planet
Chloro - Plant planet
Annaheim - Gold planet
Kain - Quicksilver planet

The in game effects of this system are probably not particularly noticeable yet, as elemental bonuses are set at 10%.
This system though will be further expanded upon in future updates, particularly with the addition of breeding which I'll be focusing on next.
Lastly for this week, the Ester event has now ended.

That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 14/4/18:

-New area deep, deep underground.
-New character - Silverbird.
-Found the source of the phantom party member bug and fixed some other issues caused by it.

Kinda small update this week, been working on some larger features to come.
See if you can find a Silverbird, only the most intrepid souls will ever venture there.
Ester event will remain up for one more week, get your chocolate fix before it's too late!

That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 5/4/18:

-Fixed a bunch of typos, thanks Rhi! :3
-Fixed a bug with exiting the Ice Tribe, thanks Rhi. :3
-Fixed a bug with enemy positioning, thanks Rhi. :3
-Fixed a bug where a phantom member showed up when viewing the party, thanks Rhi. :3
-Made a few minor balance changes.

The Etheldia Discord is now up and running, check out the chat page for a join link!
Now the story is up I have a couple of fun Etheldia related projects I've been dying to work on.
After that I'll probably get back to a few things the site really needs, such as walking animations for the maps, and some default battle animations.
Also want to have a go at making the site playable on mobile devices soon.

That's all for now, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 1/4/18:

-STORY MODE! PEW PEW PEW *Lazers, flashing lights and fireworks.*
-Ester event!
-Login and register background, thanks to Silva. :3
-Balance changes. Lots of them.

Probably a few bugs and oversights, let me know if you find any. =)
Planning to play through the live version myself and put up a bugfix patch midweek.
Ester event will be up for the next two weeks. Ester is the pagan festival of chocolate and bunnies, and there'll be plenty of them around.
The bunnies from previous years return and this years bunny is the Caramilk Chocolate Bunny.
Thanks also to Rhisis for the villager texts!

Hope everyone enjoys the update, keep checking back for more! -Hippo

News 25/3/18:

-Add pinecones!
-Battle menu now uses three colors to differentiate options.
-Strengthened database encryption.

Lots and lots and lots of story mode progress.
Story mode will be up next weekend! Will probably need some balancing after, but it's nearing completion after a lot of work.

Story mode next week, keep checking back! ^^ -Hippo

News 11/3/18:

-Fixed bug where empty battles would trigger in bases.
-Fixed storage oversight from previous version.
-Four directional sprites with two frames of animation now supported on the maps.

Still working behind the scenes on the story mode, making some good progress.
Will be rolling out the map avatar changes to all maps over the next few weeks, also currently only applies to rabbits.
Hoping to have sprites done for all of the elemental tribes before the 5th. Hoping. ;-;

More updates next week, keep checking back! ^^ -Hippo

News 4/3/18:

-New character, sharp tooth!
-Purchasable ice tribe houses.
-Fixed a housing bug where the buy option disappeared.
-Fixed recruit bug where the recruited player wasn't properly cleared.
-Fixed recruit bug where player character would vanish instead of the enemy.

Working mostly on behind the scenes story mode stuff so updates will mostly consist of bugfixes and QOL changes.

More updates next week, keep checking back! ^^ -Hippo

News 25/2/18:

-Earth and Air tribe houses are now purchasable!
-Fixed an issue where you couldn't enter a house immediately after purchase.
-Fixed an issue where you could buy a house for the price of its cheaper neighbour.
-Fixed an issue where sleep depreciated too fast.
-Fixed a trade cloning bug.
-Fixed a bug to dialogue where the box would sometimes show up blank. (Not applied to all maps yet)
-Monument system bugfixes.
-Fixed recruitment bug where experience would be placed in the wrong section.
-Etaith species characters now have automatic sentience and leadership.
-Nekomancer bunnies can now drop pet.
-Couple of new connecting maps.

Lots of bugfixes this week but nothing particularly exciting.
Story mode coding has begun!

More updates next week, keep checking back! ^^ -Hippo

News 17/2/18:

-Earth Tribe graphical update!
-Celestial Temple added, complete with repeatable quest, a new character, new abilities and some cool sprite change items!
-Changes to speed and attack stat boosts.
-Fixed a small graphical bug on the map with the temple.
-Fixed a bug where finding tame would grant recruit instead.
-Fixed a bug where missingno had no attacks.
-Fixed a small bug where the two first enemies would sometimes have identical speed.
-Fixed a larger bug which occurred when encountering much faster enemies.
-Fixed some air tribe map bugs.
-Lowered the encounter rate on the tribe maps.

Pretty huge update this week with a lot new things and fixes.
The Celestial Temple update is a personal project of Rhisis' that she's been working on for a while, check it out!
The quest gives multiple rewards and some of them are really cool, it'll reset every time you reload the game or visit the spirit shrine.
Attack and speed boosts now carry through multiple battles while reducing back to the original stat. This allows for more strategies when adventuring through dungeons.
The rest of the stats will soon be changed to work the same way, but I wanted to test attack and speed first to set the rate of decrease accurately.
Now all the graphical updates are done the time has come to commence story mode coding!

More updates next week, keep checking back! ^^ -Hippo

News 11/2/18:

-Air Tribe graphical update!
-New character, blue fin elephant tuna!
-Fixed a bug with recruiting.
-Fixed an issue preventing the Nekomancer Bunny from learning one of its levelup abilities.
-Fixed a status bug which manifested a rabbit in the top corner of the battle screen.

Feels like I've been working on that air tribe map forever, I think I made the clouds back at the end of 2016..
Ended up using 54 tiles not including the castle so it was a lot of work and much more complicated than it should have been.
I'll probably try and add a simple animation at some stage but for now I'm happy to be done with it.
Just the Earth Tribe update to go now! The Air Tribe houses should be purchasable in the next update.

Trying to get back to weekly Sunday updates, check back next week for more! ^^ -Hippo

News 2/2/18:

-Burn status added.
-Resistance added.
-New abilities!
-Water tribe houses are now purchasable!
-Puffin map avatar.

Finally version 1.00! A pretty cool milestone for the site, and a decent update for it too.
The burn and resistance code includes some pretty cool mechanics which took a while to implement.
Characters that have sustained a burn take a percentage of current health in damage at the end of each turn.
Burns can stack and increase in severity, the higher the degree of burn the greater percentage of life lost each turn.
Burns also persist between battles, although the burn severity will cooldown each turn and battle end.
Resistance to certain elements can now be applied to characters via abilities.
Like burns, resistance can also be stacked and carried through multiple battles, and also experiences cooldown each turn and battle end.
There is a cap for resistance at 50%, although rare abilities can be used to increase this cap.
To celebrate the release of version 1.00, all accounts have been credited 50 gold and three new abilities, Scald, Aloe and Salve to play with.
Scald is a fire spell that burns the enemy, while Salve is an Aloe utility spell that can be used to heal burns and applies fire resistance to characters who aren't currently burned.
Big thanks to everyone who has played and supported the game thus far!

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 24/1/18:

-Water tribe graphical update!
-New levelup abilities for fish.

Second of four graphical updates now complete! Worked the last fourteen days straight which is why it's taking so long. ;-;
Water tribe houses will be purchasable in the next update.
Speaking of which, the next update will be to version 1.00, the 100th version of Etheldia!
The game has come a long way in that time, thanks to everyone who has played and supported the game.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 10/1/18:

-Fire Tribe Houses are now purchasable!
-Fixed a small bug where hp exp from healing moves wasn't reporting.

40 houses in the redesigned fire tribe are now purchasable by users.
The price of the houses range from 100 coins to 200 coins depending on location.
Buying a house lets you use it as an extra base for character storage.
Each house can only be purchased and owned by one player, and the ability to sell houses to other players will be added in future.
There'll also be a small tax added for house ownership (1-5 coins) per one year of Etheldian time, 4 months in the real world.
Houses belonging to users who leave the site and fail to pay taxes will be resold to the highest bidder via a silent auction.
Redesigns and purchasable houses for the remaining tribes coming soon!

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 4/1/18:

-Fire Tribe Update!
-Incora Event End
-Fixed a small oversight where you could walk on the Kasumi river.

Happy new year to everyone! The Incora Event is now over and the event characters have left for another year.
Check out the new graphic update for the Fire Tribe. The updates for the other three tribes are still to come.
Most of the new houses in the fire tribe will be available for purchase by players using coins, and will increase storage space.
Hoping to have this feature ready by next week! The remainder of the houses will be for NPC purposes.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 26/12/17:

-Incora Event!
-New event char!
-New ability!
-Fixed a bug with the class guild system where completed quests weren't being added to the total.

Every three years Etheldians recognize the Incora Festival, a celebrations of the blessings of life and prosperity.
This years new event character is a Strawberry Rabbit, and can be found on most maps for the following week, and may drop a new ability item.

Making a return is the Incora's Flower which grows in the forest which leads to the spirit shrine, and Hanabi, a firework like creature which appears mysteriously in the fire kingdom.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 19/12/17:

-Daily prize system.
-Added currency.
-Added language items for Etheldian and Nitorian.
-New pyramid portal world with two new characters.

Talk to the water tribe elder between the earth and water kingdoms to claim your daily prize!
You'll receive a minimum of one coin per day, plus either an item or extra coins.
Currency is not currently spendable but will one day be used to buy items and property, or to facilitate trades.
Work continues on graphical updates, hopefully they'll start appearing soon!

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 7/12/17:

-New weapom: Strawberry.
-Fixed an issue with changing class guild.
-Fixed a small oversight with trading.

The strawberry weapon is currently dropped by cabbage. Don't ask why. ='-'=
Added it to the normal guild abilities as well so if your class is normal you'll receive a power bonus.
Looks like work will be busy for the next two weeks but I'll try to get as much done as I can.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 29/11/17:

-Trading system!

Can now put characters up for trade, offer, view offers and accept or decline trades.
For now trading is open to anyone but will eventually be unlocked upon completion of the story mode.
Ended up taking me over two whole days to finish it and it's a pretty huge feature so I didn't get around to any other updates this week.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 22/11/17:

-Characters can now have multiple recruit options.
-More underground renovations.

Another late update this week due to work. =|
Some characters are a bit of a gray area for recruitment so now multiple options are available, for instance rabbits can be tamed or contracted!
Still mainly working on spriting with whatever time I can find.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 14/11/17:

-Added a new item called catnip.
-Necromance kitties can now be converted to permanent characters!

Late update this week due to work. =|
Losing most of my time to work but still managing to get a bit done here and there.
Finished a few sprites this week and made some really good progress on coding the story mode during my day off.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 5/11/17:

-Added a new character!
-Fixed a bug with class guilds.
-Fixed a bug with sleeping (I hope).
-Ongoing underground renovations.

Halloween characters have now departed for another year.
Busy with work but managing to get a bit done, still focusing mostly on sprites for the story mode.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 29/10/17:

-Added sleeping status.
-Added several new abilities focused around sleep.
-Underground renovations and things.

Last chance this week to get the Halloween characters before they leave for another year and come back rarer and harder to find.
Started a new job this week and the hours are pretty brutal so progress on Etheldia is going to slow a bit. Still will be doing the best I can!
Mostly working on graphics for the upcoming story mode. I've sprited a couple of the main antagonists so far and I'm halfway through another.

That's all for now, check back next week for another update! ^^ -Hippo

News 22/10/17:

-Added status abilties, eg freezing.
-Added item stacking for the inventory.
-Halloween thingss!

Spent most of this week adding the status effects to the game.
Halloween chars:
The witches cat returns from last year at a lower encounter rate and can be found flying about the water tribe. The scarlet raven appears where ravens are usually found and may drop the shadow cape item.
The shadow cape item can be given to a plain rabbit to unlock an alternate sprite design, but be careful who you give it to because it's a one time use.
These characters will be findable for the next two weeks, before they vanish for another year.
That's all for now, but keep checking back because there's lots more coming soon! :3 -Hippo

News 15/10/17:

-Alternate sprite and design option system.
-AI can now use defensive abilities!
-AI can now use healing abilities!
-AI can now use summoning abilities!!.

Managed to spend a lot of time working on the game this week, with some really good results.
Working on functuality that's going to be used in the upcoming story mode.
There's only one alternate sprite design at the moment for the rabbit, but the system makes it really quick and easy to add more in future and to toggle between them. Submit your own sprites and designs!
Spent a lot of time on AI improvements to make battles more dynamic. These aren't in the game yet but you'll be seeing a lot of them in the coming story mode.
Next up is adding status effects, eg freezing.
That's all for now, but keep checking back because there's lots more coming soon! :3 -Hippo

News 8/10/17:

-4 new maps!
-6 new characters!
-New abilities and items!
-Created some code that adds a character to a hall of fame table upon reaching level 50. Going to make a hall of fame page in future.
-Created individual text for different recruit failures.
-Added a random username suggestion feature to the register page.
-Fixed a bug with gauntlets.
-Lowered the difficulty level on butcher guild collect quests.

Big update to celebrate my return!
Been back for a few weeks and working on Etheldia and it's good to start updating it again.
There's quite a few new things to look for this version, some more hidden than others, but you'll need some high level characters to do it.
Huge thanks to Rhisis for designing the Celestial Temple map and all the characters to be found there. Also keep an eye out for Laevi also designed by her in the Spirit Forest!
Some additional snippets of text from her regarding the new characters:
"The etaiths were once at the forefront of the magical world. Their high magic capacity and natural affinity for light magic made them a force to be reckoned with. However, the race mysteriously fell from grace and their civilizations collapsed, leaving few etaiths alive."
"Laevi are faeries who most commonly dwell in forests. They spend their time fluttering through the foliage and singing to their heart's content."
That's all for now, but keep checking back because there's lots more coming soon! :3 -Hippo

News 3/6/17:

-Moar bunnies.
New rare bunnies are wandering around. Look for them where the water isn't blue.
Last version for a while, I'm off to Canada next week for a few months.
All speed ahead when I get back though, only 15 more versions to 1.0!
That's all for now, check back sometime. :3 -Hippo

News 27/5/17:

-Two new maps.
-Two new characters!

You can now begin exploring the area to the north of the tiger pass.
There's a couple of new maps and new characters to be found for those strong enough and brave enough to make it.
Still working on map assets and adding new areas, slowly making progress.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 21/5/17:

-Tiger Summit added.
-Pet bonus effect now works on bunnies as well as kitties.

Haven't had much cpu access recently but have several completed maps ready to add, and then I can start working on tying them together with the quest.
Adventurous souls can now climb to the summit of Tiger Mountain. The climb requires the use of ice picks, which may be dropped by bandits.
There'll also be a way to buy ice picks in future. I put some time into the effect on the top of the mountain, so check it out if you can!
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 29/4/17:

-Ester event is over.
-Earth Dragons!
-Earthquake spell.
-Fixed a bug with Discordia.
-Fixed a bug where the Spirit Shrine wasn't working.

Ester event is over for another year. Thanks too all those who took part!
Earth dragons are now roaming wild to the east of the Earth Tribe. Defeat them for a chance of the Earthquake ability drop.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 8/4/17:

-Ester is back!
-New kind of chocolate bunny to find.
-Cloud Leopards.
-Fixed a bug with Pet not working on enemy characters.
-Fixed another bug with character classes.

Ester event is back! Chocolate bunnies can be found roaming the map. The event will be active for the next two weeks; white choc bunnies have become very rare and there's a new type of choc bunny to be found.
Chocolate spells are also back.
Cloud Leopards are now roaming the Tiger Pass.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 2/4/17:

-Goblins have left the Earth Tribe.
-Fixed a bug where Nekomancered beings names were displayed in lower case.
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't change class or get a quest if you char started as something other than Normal.

Small update with a few bug fixes. Waiting to see what my plans are for the next few months, need a new PC to start working on Etheldia more frequently again. Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 5/3/17:

-Fixed a bug with Discordia.

Tiger pass now has tigers. They've got a lot of attack power, but they're rare and hard to recruit.
Been working on spriting for the new maps, more to come soon.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 25/2/17:

-New map!
-New characters!
-New abilities!

Pretty huge update this week with the addition of the Tiger Pass, a route north of the Earth Tribe.
There's a few new characters to find there, with a few new abilities.
Some of the abilities introduce new tactics and opportunities to the battle system, so look out for them!
The map will be part of the upcoming story mode, so expect to see more soon.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 19/2/17:


Goblins are attacking the the Earth Village! Help out to repel them and you might learn some new skills in the process.
Back in Australia now, although I did manage to get quite a bit of spriting for maps done while I was away.
Going to spend the next few months working on a story mode for Etheldia and adding little bits and pieces here and there.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 13/1/17:

-Battle click fix.
-New music track.

New years event is now over.
Been super busy over the past few weeks, and haven't had a lot of time to work on Etheldia.
Spent a few days on some basic encryption to make the site more secure. You wont see it, but it's there. xD
Fixed an issue where using the mouse to navigate battles would often not seem to do anything.
Added a music track to one of the secret areas, thanks again to Rhisis for making it! :3
That's all for the time being, updates may be sporadic this year as I'm planning on spending it travelling. Leaving in a few days time for Indonesia! o:
Taking my laptop along with me so I'll do my best to work on Etheldia when I can, probably mostly graphical assets for future use.
My long term plans for the game though are still very ambitious, so keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 25/12/16:

-New Years Event!
-New music!

Every three years Etheldians recognize the Incora Festival, a celebrations of the blessings of life and prosperity which coincides with the appearance of Incora's Flower.
You can find Incora's Flower in the forest which leads to the spirit shrine.
Making a return is Hanabi, a firework like creature which appears mysteriously in the fire kingdom this time of year.
Thanks heaps to Rhisis for making a couple of new music pieces for Etheldia, one for the Spirit Forest and one for the Yggdrasil Forest. ^^
Would also like to extend a huge thanks to Rhisis for making Etheldia's first ever trailer!
That's it for this week, have a happy and safe New Year, and keep checking back for more updates!

News 17/12/16:

-Overworld Cabbage sprites. Because you know, these things are important...
-Added backrooms for the Adventurer Guild.
-Fixed a bug where the text scroll wouldn't reset when you spoke to a different NPC.

You can now access restricted levels of the Adventurer Guild at higher levels. There's some pretty cool incentives for doing this, but I'll keep it a secret for now.
Will be adding back rooms for the other guilds in coming weeks.~
That's it for this week, have fun with cabbages and keep checking back for more updates!

News 10/12/16:

-New character, Nekomancer Bunny!
-New ability, Pet.
-Fixed a bug where you could contract some spirits multiple times.
-Fixed a bug where if you used recruit the battle system would error on the next attack.
-Fixed a bug where exiting the Normal Guild would transport you to a random location.

Nekomancer Bunny raises cats to fight battles. Learn to bring all sorts of different kitties to battle as you level up!
You can find the Nekomancer Bunny in most places where rabbits are found, although they're uncommon and reasonably hard to recruit.
Pet is a healing move that's 2x as effective when used on cats.
Slowly making progress. Keep checking back!

News 3/12/16:

-New class guild.
-Added a new type of class quest.
-Several new weapons.
-Fixed a bug where Lighta and Darka weren't being included as aoe abilities.
-Fixed a few minor battle system bugs. I hope.
-Fixed a bug where summoned and conjured characters appeared backwards.

New class guild is hidden but it shouldn't be too hard to find. =)
Slowly making progress. Keep checking back!

News 27/11/16:

-Skip turn feature in the battle system.
-Multi-turn toggle feature in the battle system.
-Fixed a turn bug in the battle system.
-Fixed a bug where aoe attacks weren't using the right multiplier.
-Fixed some stuffs in secret areas, added a monument at the end of a dungeon.
-Edited the users page to account for the changes to class.

A lot of work in progress stuff this week so there isn't too much to show for my efforts right now.
The multi-turn toggle is to make it easier to train new party members when one of your characters gets four turns against most opponents. New players are recommended to keep it on.
Enemy characters are still capable of multi-attacks when you have it toggled off.
Looking at adding support for mobile devices soon.

As always keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 20/11/16:

-New character, houyhnhnm.
-Changes to map 7, farm area map. Added farmhouses and expanded the map.
-Fixed an issue with the rabbit sprite.

Been pretty much exclusively working on the new tutorial for beginning players, trying to make it as professional looking as possible since it'll be the first thing new players see.
With luck the tutorial system will be finished by next version and I can start working on adding content in the form of quests.
Going to be working on remaking most of the maps slowly as well, the farmhouses aren't enterable yet but they will be at some point.
New character houyhnhnm is a mythical sentient horse race said to possess calm, reliable and logical qualities. Their affinity is Light and their magic base is quite high, so they'd make excellent mages.
You can find houyhnhnm on the remade map with the farmhouses, south-east of the Earth Kingdom.

As always keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 6/11/16:

-Spinning indicators!
-Battle system UI improvements.
-Visual displays for when weakness or resistance is triggered.
-Character sprites now face inwards instead of random directions.
-Bugfixes for the menu selection.

Halloween event is now over.
Spent a lot of time this working working on the UI for the battle system. The visual displays for weakness and resistance should help with the overall clarity of the game.
Really happy with the new changes, starting to feel like I'm getting close to the game I wanted to create. Still a lot more work to do though.
That's it for this week, still working on adding some beginning quests and improving the visuals and feel of the game.

As always keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 31/10/16:

-Battle system UI.
-Fixed a bug where attempting to heal yourself would heal your enemy.

Happy Halloween! For some reason I always think Halloween is on the 26th so the event will be up for another week. Visit the Water Kingdom for a special character!
Spent most of this week working on graphics and map tiles. Graphical stuff actually ends up taking a lot more time than coding and comes less naturally to me.
The bug in the battle system actually took me a lot longer to fix than I expected and I broke a lot of other stuff in the process which I then had to fix. Battle system code is a bit more solid now though.
That's it for this week, working on adding some beginning quests and improving the visuals and feel of the game.

As always keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 24/10/16:

-Battle menu is now navigable through the arrow keys.
-Halloween character!

Happy Halloween! A special character has been seen in the Water Kingdom, get one before they leave.
You can play through a whole battle with the arrow keys now, use up and down to select options, right to execute and left to return to the previous options.
Didn't get a lot of time this week to work on the game but hoping to achieve more next week.

As always keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 17/10/16:

-New custom menu buttons.
-Class system bugfixes.
-New epic battle music. =)

Spent a lot of time working on the battle system this week, making it so that you can navigate through using the arrow keys.
Still need to make it look nicer and clearer to see where abouts in the menu you are but the coding side of it is mostly done.
Thanks to Jake for the new battle music.
Been playing around with a few different button styles and designs took, more to come!

Keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 9/10/16:

-Normal Guild!
-Each affinity/class can now have multiple weaknesses and resistances.
-Fixed a few small bugs with the class system.
-Secret class related things. x:

You can now change back and forth between the Normal and Adventurer class, but only once per day.
Now that the class system is pretty much finished I'll be moving on to work on the battle system.
I'm planning to make it a lot sexier and also add navigation by arrow keys through the menus.

Keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 2/10/16:

-Adventurer Guild!
-Class system release!

Class system is now released! Currently there's only the Adventurer Guild, but I'll be opening the Normal Guild next week and there'll be many more added as time goes by.
Here's how the class system works:
Each character has it's own class, and by visiting the guilds you can receive quests. By completing quests you'll gain class exp and sometimes new abilities.
A character can only have one class at a time, but if you change class and then come back to it later you'll retain your exp and level. You can only change class once per day.
Each class has it's own set of abilties, for instance the Adventurer class includes the abilities Poke, Kick, Cower and Bless.
When you use an ability that belongs to your class you'll receive a power multiplier that is 1 + Class Level/10.
For instance if you're a level 1 Adventurer and you use Poke, the power of the move will be multiplied by 1.1. At level 10 you'll get a multiplier of 2.
Each class also has it's own weaknesses and resistances to other classes. The Adventurer class is strong against the Normal class, so keep that in mind.
All wild encounters are currently Normal class but I'll be changing it up in future.

Ignore the place holder art for the guild building and the receptionist standing in front of the counter instead of behind it. x:
More to come on the class system but that's it for now, let me know your thoughts or if you find any bugs.
Keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 25/9/16:

-Puffins can swim!
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't move from the pyramid map back to the rest of the world.
-Fixed a small graphical bug with the construction sites.

Spent a lot of time working on Etheldia this week, but not much to show for it in terms of current updates.
Made a lot of progress on the class system though and it should hopefully be ready to roll out in a week or two.
Still got quite a bit to do so we'll see how it goes. Lemme know if there's any updates or changes to Etheldia that you'd like to see.
That's it for now, keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 18/9/16:

-Construction sites have appeared at the Earth and Water tribes. I wonder what they're building...
-Hidden bosses and super rare hidden item!
-Fixed a bug where you wouldn't find encounters on the map leading to the spirit shrine.

I'm finally back from Europe! Had a really amazing trip but it's nice to be back working on Etheldia again.
Had a lot of ideas and inspiration for the site while I was away, so I'm really looking forward to bringing them to reality. Like puffins! You'll find them just south of the Water tribe.
First priority now I'm back is the Class System. Spent quite a bit of time on it over the last few days and it's coming along nicely.
Hopefully shouldn't take me too long with the Class System, and then I can start working on improving some of the basics of the site like loading and appearance.
That's it for now, keep checking back for weekly updates! -Hippo

News 30/7/16:

-Massive hidden quest!
-Many hidden characters!
-Hidden bosses and super rare hidden item!
-Fixed a bug where you could keep attacking until you ran out of energy.
-Added Seltiks, the desert lizard. He also drops Attack, if you've been needing one.

Thought I'd never get this update done, but I had to, because I'm leaving tomorrow. Will be away for a month and a half in Europe so unfortunately no updates for a while.
To make up for it though this update is pretty huge, even though mostly hidden. If you can find your way there, a secret world awaits!
The huge hidden quest was basically made to help me test the quest system, and while it definitely needs some more work and tinkering I'm really happy with the possibilities it opens up.
Watch out for bugs. ='-'=
That's it for now, next update due late September when I return. -Hippo

News 17/7/16:

-Fixed a bug where you could learn the same recruiting option multiple times.
-Fixed a bug where recruit items wouldn't display the flavour text.
-Added a new recruit option for use in the upcomming quest.
-Partially fixed the bug where you'd have to return to base if one of your characters was defeated. It still doesn't quite work if two are defeated.
-Added support for multiple directional avatars on the overworld. Only works for Ravens on one map atm, but I'll be apply it to more and more along with the quest system.

Still on track with the quest system stuff. Been doing a lot of testing.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 9/7/16:

-Fixed some issues with the random number generator system. Should be more random now and have less repeat instances of the same attack patterns and drops.
-Added mute for kasumi village music. Just press the "m" key!
-New look to the play page with chat and stuffs.

Still making good progress on the quest system, should have a super secret epic awesome major quest up by the end of the month.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 2/7/16:

-Fixed an oversight where summoning and conjuration didn't deplete energy.
-Moved around some stuff with the battle interface to make the characters look less like they're floating halfway up a mountain.

The arrows for the battle interface are a bit messed up but I'll fix them up sometime. Still haven't finished deciding on positions, let me know what you think.
Been mainly focusing on graphics for new maps and characters which take a lot of time. Coded options into the quest system for presenting two or more choices to players.
See ya soon.~ -Hippo

News 26/6/16:

-Battle start music!
-Mute function! Just press the "m" key to toggle it off and on.
-Kasumi Village battle background. Thanks to Koishi for making this.~
-New attack ability; Peck.

Still working on the quest system, set up on trigger events this week and now I've started working on a basic quest interface to give new task and task completed alerts.
That's all this week, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 19/6/16:

Added all the interiors for the huts in the kasumi village and you can now enter them and talk to the villagers inside. You have to be able to speak their language tho!
Added a couple of new language attribute items that'll let you speak to different characters. Make sure you only use these on characters who can't already speak the language though or they'll be redundant.
Got heaps of work done on the quest system this week and the back end hard coding for it is pretty much finished. Next step is to work on a nice interface to handle alerts.
Also want to allow support for on trigger events such as NPC's running around or attacking.
That's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates and get in touch if there's anything you'd like to see added or changed or if you just wanna chat. =) -Hippo

News 12/6/16:

Added a new map this week with the pyramid I sprited, you can't enter the pyramid yet but I've got plans for its future use.
There's also an NPC on the map which utilises the partially built quest system, he actually walks back and forth, and you can interact with him using the spacebar.
I spent a bit of time this week as well playing around with adding music, Jake made a simple flute track and I've added it to Kasumi village to see if it works in the browser release.
If it does work easily I'll get around to adding a mute function and then working on some battle music and music for other maps.
Meanwhile work on the quest system continues, actually had a bit of time this week and it's coming along nicely. Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 29/5/16:

Took a break from quest system work yesterday and spent a day working on the speed system. Hopefully eliminated a bug where the fastest character would get two turns after another character had been defeated. You'll now be rewarded or punished for being much faster or slower than your enemy, if you're twice as fast as the enemy you'll get to attack twice, three times as fast, three attacks, with the cap for attacks at four. Conversely, if you're half the speed of your enemy you'll get attacked twice, a third of the speed, three times, also capped at four attacks. In the event of being half the speed of your enemy, you'll also receive speed exp. Your characters will learn from being outsped and use it to become stronger in the future. That's it for changes this week, also made some good progress with the new quest system in my limited time available. It's coming along really nicely and working out to be every I hoped so far, exciting times ahead in the future. Let me know how the speed changes feel, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 22/5/16:

Really small update this week, still really busy with life getting in the way but I at least made some really good progress on the quest system this weekend. I've had so long to think about it now that it doesn't look like it'll be quite as hard as I anticipated. As for more current game updates, I fixed an issue where you could only heal yourself back to the health you had at the start of the battle and not your max health. Also added another char map avy. Will mostly be focused on the quest system when I get time over the coming weeeks, but let me know if there's something small you'd like to see implemented. That's it for now, keep checking back for more updates! =) -Hippo

News 15/5/16:

No new version this week, been super busy with work again, but site update is now live!
Let me know what you think of the new design, and any ideas for FAQ's and the About section.
Thanks to Silva for the button textures. =)
Don't forget to check out the Users section! You can find your own profile and others, if no user is specified it'll bring up a random one.
Now the site update is out I can put all my effort into working on the new quest system.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 8/5/16:

-Made some changes to the water kingdom map, doing some testing to see what I can do for the coming quest system.
-New map to the east of the water kingdom, if you know how to swim.
-Few new characters in the new map, thanks to JC for the character Cheilo.
-Finally found and fixed some of the bugs with the east side map changes and skipping back and forth.
-Fixed a bug where the game would freeze on the swamp map for some users.

News 1/5/16:

-Fixed a bug where the return to base button in battle would take you to the last base you visited and not your active base.
-Fixed a bug where the air tribe couldn't access storage. Sorry Jake. x:
-Fixed some item system bugs where you could teach the same ability/attribute/recruit to multiple characters.
-Fixed a bug where the dialogue box wasn't appearing when learning an attribute.
-New background for the battle system, thanks Leesa.~ Will probs end up changing this at some point tho because the floating effect is kinda strange.

Really extended work trip again this week. ;-;
Site redesign is coming along nicely, hopefully next week or week after if I get a couple of days off.

News 24/4/16:

-Giant rabbits can now be found terrorising the Kasumi village. Thanks to Turtle for the sprite!
-Added Excite item drop for Pebble Cats.
-Etheldia has a new chat! http://etheldia.net/chat.php Hope to see you there. =)

Another small update this week because of work. Spent a lot of time working on the site yesterday though and the user lookup table is almost finished.
Hopefully not too long now before I'm done with the site re-work and I can start focusing on quest stuff.
50th version this week which I think is a pretty cool milestone, keep checking back for more updates. =) -Hippo

News 17/4/16:

-Pebble cat!
-Pebble cat learns several new abilities including Excite which boots speed and Stalk which lowers enemy defense.
-Tribal characters now learn aoe magic spells at level 40 for their element.

Small update this week, been busy with work and the website re-design, which is coming along slowly. Almost finished the user look up page which has taken way too long.
Away all week for work next week, and busy for the forseeable future so don't expect much in terms of game updates for a while unfortunately. Will do my best. =) -Hippo

News 10/4/16:

100 users/1 year anniversary event is now over.
-Fixed a bug where if a party member moved positions in the party the HP and energy wasn't updated.
-Fixed a bug where gauntlets weren't working.
-Fixed a bug where the Earth Tribe base storage couldn't be accessed.
-Kasumi Village added! Thanks to Koishi creating the map, especially the path tiles.

Make sure you check out the Kasumi village which Koishi has put a heap of work into.
At the moment you can only wander around but when the new quest system is up and running it'll be a bustling hive of activity with lots of quests to do.
In other news still really busy with work and it looks like it'll only get worse for the next month or so, but I'll try and get as much done on weekends as I can.
Keep checking back for updates and stuffs! -Hippo

News 3/4/16:

100 users/1 year anniversary event!
-You can now have multiple home bases, and you can switch your active base.
-Numano the swamp nitori added for the event. Thanks to Koishi for the in battle and overworld sprites.
-Added overworld sprite for choc bunnies.
-New defensive ability.

So Tuesday is April 5th which will mark the one year anniversary of Etheldia's release, and it coincides nicely with reaching 100 users.
To thank everyone who has been a part of the site, completing the event will give access to a limited edition swamp cottage which will double your storage capacity!
To complete the event you just have to defeat the guardians of the swamp cottage, the Numano, who sometimes lurk out the front seeking a strong caretaker for the cottage.
The swamp cottage is north west of the fire kingdom. Make sure you get access to the cottage while you still can.
There's been a lot of hard work on Etheldia over the past year and the site has progressed hugely, but this is only the beginning.
Looking forward to the continuing journey! -Hippo

News 29/3/16:

Ester event has now ended.
-Ester event is now over, thanks to all who participated!
-Fixed a bug with the battle system where you could ignore the battle menu after the first turn and deal exponentially increasing damage.
-Fixed a bug with the battle system where the level of Summoned and Conjured characters wasn't being factored into their damage output.
-Added a hyper jump button to the item storage system to make searching quicker. Just a band-aid fix until I get around to making more changes.
-The elemental starting characters can now be found lurking around their home bases and recruited! They're reasonably rare and hard to get though.

User count is currently at 99, so hopefully will have an event next week to celebrate 100 users and also Etheldia's 1st anniversary of release on April 5th!
Keep checking updates for more back! -Hippo

News 20/3/16:

Event time! Come celebrate Ester, the pagan festival of bunnies and chocolate!
-Chocolate rabbits for the event! You'll find them scattered on a random selection of maps.
-The white choc bunnies appear once every ten of the regular choc ones.
-After this week they'll go unobtainable until next year and the white choc ones will be much rarer then so get them while you can!
-Chocolate magic!. Spells include Cocoa Powder, Gateau Blocks and Chocolate Fountain and are dropped by the chocolate rabbits.
-Aoe abilities! Basically abilities that hit more than one target. Chocolate Fountain is the first example.
-Removed the duplicate Fire Queen I forgot about last week oops.
-Slightly lowered the levels of some of the spawns to the west of the Water Kingdom.

Worked really long hours every day this week as well. =| Thankfully I get weekends off to work on Etheldia.~
Hope you guys enjoy the Ester event! I've also started working on an event to celebrate 100 users 'cause it's starting to get close.
Next version update might be slightly delayed to let the Ester event run a bit longer.
Happy hunting, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 13/3/16:

-Tame and Capture recruit options are now given out by the Earth King and Fire Queen respectively in their tents.
-Animals and monsters now have a chance of dropping tame and capture items, and villagers can drop the recruit item.
-New players are now given Recruit as the default starting recruit skill instead of Tame.
-All existing players have been given one Recruit in their inventory, use it on your player and you can recruit Villagers!
-Air magic drops!

Still really busy with work unfortunately but I'm getting as much done as I can on things in the evening.
Work on the re-designed website is still my priority for Etheldia at the moment, planning to spend several hours today on it.
That's it for this week, as always keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 5/3/16:

-Earth magic drops!
-Lance drops!

Tiny update, had like no time this week and I'm off to visit family for the weekend so I thought I'd put this up now.
Hopefully will get more time next week. ;-;

News 28/2/16:

-Collision fixes! Thanks to Jake for helping me out with this one, the collisions in the game should run pretty nicely now and not be annoyingly buggy.
-Wrote some new code to allow for interactions on key press. Eventually this will apply to all NPC and in game objects.
-Added a treasure chest! This uses the new interaction system, press the enter key to interact with an object in the direction of your last key press.
-Air Dragon added! Thanks to Koishi for the air dragon sprite, and also the treasure chest tile. Air Dragon can be found in the map north of the air kingdom.

Actually got a lot more time than I expected this week, feels really good to finally eliminate those collision issues.
Back to working on the new website next week, been making decent progress so far.

News 21/2/16:

-Created a new battle mechanic for Defense which sets traps to catch enemies. Not currently in the game though.
-The water dragon now has a small chance of dropping Tidal Wave and the fire dragon likewise for Inferno.
-The water slimes now have a chance of dropping Water and H20! Live out your water mage dreams.
-Made a sprite for a bandit hunter, upcoming character.

Super busy week with work and next week is looking much the same so small updates is all I have time for.
Unless it rains... Join me in a rain dance. -Hippo

News 14/2/16:

-Slightly changed the entry requirements for some maps.
-Finally found and fixed a bug that was causing the momument system not to work on the live server.
-Added some new items and ability drops to increase variation.
-Got the Earth Quest half finished, next weeks version hopefully.
-Secret things.~

Looking like the next couple of weeks are going to be really busy with work, but I'll get as much done as I can.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 7/2/16:

-Reworked the energy system and included HP. Your HP will no longer full replenish after each battle, so keep it in mind!
-Bunch of energy bugs fixed/eliminated with the new system.
-You now gain energy by walking into the base as well as returning from the battle page.
-Fixed a small bug with conjuration and summoning where only one character could summon/conjure a certain spirit/object each battle.
-Secret things.~

Really busy with work this week so I wasn't able to get as much done as I wanted. Spent some time working on the re-designed website as well.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 31/1/16:

-Spent some time improving the battle system damage formula, the damages dealt shouldn't be as extreme as previously.
-Fixed an exploit where you could attack continuously on the one turn until you ran out of energy.
-Fixed a bug where characters, specifically summoned and conjured beings, would wander off the map.
-Added a couple of new abilities, Bless which is a basic healing move, and Sparkle which is a basic magic spell.
-Spent a lot of time working on some secret features. Which are, secret. Someone will find them eventually.
-Ravens now learn Magic, Shadow and Creep through levelling up.
-Changed the energy cost of Cheer from 5 to 1 to better reflect it's usefulness.

More next week!

News 24/1/16:

Didn't get around to putting up a news page last week since I was busy moving house but there was a small update with a few little changes.
Managed to get a decent amount of things done this week without internet, hoping to get my encryption code up and running when I have a connection.
Fixed a bug with recruit level calculation.
Fixed fire rabbit avatar compression.
Fixed a bug where you could use an ability you didn't have energy for if you clicked a few times.
You can now use utility and defensive abilities like healing staves and cower on allies to buff their stats.
Added some new abilities and a new weapon, the Salmon.
Added a couple of new characters, including the pig!

Earth Tribe Quest coming soon.~
Keep checking back, follow me on Twitter at xHippo for updates as they happen!

News 10/1/16:

Air Tribe first major quest is complete! Follow this quest line if you're a member of the air tribe to receive the items for Conjuration.
Added Examine and Conjuration to the map as random drops, if you find both of these you can conjure regardless of tribe.
Added a new character, the fire rabbit!
Added a monument system, these monuments will be scattered across Etheldia and record the names of the first five players to reach them and their teams.
Fixed a bug where you had to reload to learn an ability after learning the pre-requisite.
Fixed a bug where some of the levelups weren't showing post battle.
Fixed a couple of issues with the water tribe quest.
Fixed a small returning glitch with one of the maps.
Fixed a glitch with examining/contracting characters you already have before.
Messed around with the battle interface a bit and hopefully made the text a bit easier to read. Still needs a lot of work though.

Pretty massive update this week, feels really good to get the Air Tribe quest out. Earth and Fire tribe quests will hopefully be coming soon.
Keep checking back, follow me on Twitter at xHippo for updates as they happen!

News 3/1/16:

Happy New Year!
New Years Event is now over. No more little firework guys until it comes around again.
New char! Thanks to Koishi for the base sprite and char design and Leesa for some shading tips.
Made a couple of buttons so you can scroll the item menu since it was starting to really bug me.

Got really sick this week so I wasn't able to get as much done as I wanted to.
Hopefully more next week!

News 27/12/15:

Fixed a couple of visual bugs with image compression, most importantly the water male sprite.
Added recruit data for one of the characters that wasn't previously working.
New character and a new move for the event.~

Happy holidays! The new years event is now active. =) To start the event make your way to the fire kingdom and talk to the newly arrived villager.
The fire tribe is located in the south east corner of the world if you're having trouble finding it.
The event features this little guy!
If you complete the quest and talk to the villager again one of them will join you, just make sure you have a free party spot or at the very least a free box slot.
This quest will run for a week and after that the character will be unobtainable until New Years next year, and will get progressively rarer each year.

In other news I've been working on an encryption system to make the game a lot more secure.
Also am aware of a few quest bugs that'll be sorted out for next weeks version. As always keep checking back for more updates. =)

News 19/12/15:

Each of the starter characters now learn abilities and gain weapons when they level up. There's a different set for each.
These include Shields, Gauntlets, Magic Staves, Bows, Swords, Axes, Utility Staves and Lances.
Re-factored a bunch of battle system code while I was adding Gauntlets in to make it neater.
Fixed a bug where if you double clicked the last tutorial box you'd glitch.
Changed the spawn point from the water base to the bottom of the tent.

Should hopefully have some more free time over the next couple of weeks to work on things, let me know what you'd like to see!

News 12/12/15:

New abilities, new map, new character.~
You can now learn abilities upon levelup! Currently only rabbits but I'll be adding a lot more in the coming weeks, it's easy now the code is built.

Work is super busy atm so I've had very little time this week. Still put in a lot of work yesterday and this morning to get the learn ability upon levelup feature added.
It's a pretty major feature and it'll let me do a lot of cool things in future. =)
Next week is looking pretty busy as well but hopefully after that I'll have a lot more free time.

News 6/12/15:

Hopefully fixed a bug with the party menu not opening. Haven't been able to test it locally but we'll soon see when it finishes uploading.
Fixed the issue with the tutorial images not showing up. Basically every file needs to be uncompressed for it to work on the browser.
Fixed that super annoying battle interface bug where you couldn't attack if you moused over one of your characters.
Fixed that other annoying battle interface bug where the recruit button disappeared if you moused over one of your characters.
New map! It's east and north of the Fire Kingdom, be warned though the characters you'll find there are lv10.
Few new characters added, like the pitchfork wielding village female, some of these are in secret locations.
New abilities and item drops woo! Added Creep which is the base shadow spell, can't remember who drops it though. xD

Didn't have much time this week due to work and it's looking like the next couple of weeks will be pretty busy as well, but I'll work on it when I can.
Keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 28/11/15:

Browser based gameplay!
Added fire slime character.
Added a new item drop.
You can now press enter on the login screen. It's the little things.
You can now press back and try again if you mess up your password or username. The not so little things.

So obviously not many changes to the game itself this week due to the focus on getting the browser release up and running, but we did it!
Endless thanks to Jake for making it possible because I never would have been able to do it myself.
Just click on the obvious play button to test it out!
Game shouldn't take more than a minute or two to load initially depending on internet speed, and then some browsers seem to chache more than others.
Looks like Firefox yields best results so far.

News 21/11/15:

Early update this week, but I'll get to the reason for that later.
Added a tutorial! It's reasonably simple but hopefully should help new players find their way. After you click through it once you wont see it again.
Summoning release! This feature has actually been ready for over a month now but I was waiting to finish the first major quest to implement it.
You can now contract with spirits and summon them in battle! This is primarily a water tribe ability but if you find Summoning and Contract via drops any character can potentially use it.
First major quest released! If you're a member of the water tribe you'll be able to access the quest in your spawn point in the tent by talking to the Water King.
There's three quests in the chain to complete, all of which are relatively simple and will grant you the Summoning and Contract items.
Fixed a couple of bugs related to summoning I found while testing the quest.
Fixed the rather sad series of events where you'd have to attack your newly tamed characters and defeat them to progress.
Fixed the rather amusing series of events where you could attack and defeat yourself to win a battle.
Fixed a bug where the re-assign feature would retain the old char id.
Added a new character and changed a couple of the beginning areas to make things a bit easier for new players.

And now on to the really exciting news... Thanks to Jake putting in a lot of hard work with the Godot source code and other assorted programming wizardly beyond my understanding, a browser release is now possible!
Unfortunately though it means having to go through the entire code and re-factoring it to allow for http connections through Javascript but it should be only a matter of time now.
Since it involves ripping up all the existing integral code I wont be working on anything else until I complete it but I'll post updates on Twitter.
Exciting times, don't forget to keep checking back!

News 15/11/15:

Optimised the battle system a bit, depending on your ping to the server this could speed up things a decent amount per attack.
Fixed some issues with the affinity check system, should be working properly now but weakness/resistance hits aren't displayed yet.
Fixed a bug where the item menu wouldn't open after the storage had been opened at some point.
Fixed some issues with spawn points moving west from the Fire Kingdom.
Added a dialogue alert for when a character doesn't have the energy to use a move.
Fixed a bug where a character would stop at 1 energy remaining instead of 0.
Updated one of the maps to the new viewport system and added a few new characters there, it'll be a part of the upcoming quest.
Spent a lot of time spriting a shrine and an interior and added them into the game.
Made a system to track when and how many times users have paid respects at the shrine.

You can pay your respects at the shrine once a day, this doesn't do anything currently but it be beneficial in future versions.
Also fire dragon is now in the game! It's lurking to the west of the Fire Kingdom, but beware, it's very strong... Thanks to Caitlin/Nathaniel for the sprite. ^^
That's all the changes I can remember for this version, as always keep checking back for more updates weekly! -Hippo

News 8/11/15:

Fixed the item system which I broke while fixing a bug last week. Oops.
Wrote some code that enables the teaching of recruitment options, these will be given out in the upcoming major quests.
Weapons are now in the game! You can equip a weapon to one char and the unequip it to give to another char however beware doing this will lose you weapon levels.
Added a couple of new attributes, dexterity and sentience. Some characters will need dexterity to be able to wield weapons.
The info button in the storage system is now functional, it'll give you some basic info about your char including stats.
Did some work on the super secret maps.~
Fixed a bunch of little things including spawn points and mag_def not showing up in the exp post battle.

Progress, woo.~ Been working on some tiles and stuff for future quests, hopefully the water quest will be up in a few weeks time.
Also been drawing out some character concepts to sprite, as always keep checking back for more updates.~

News 1/11/15:

Version 0.25, forever to be known as the bugfix version.
Fixed a bug where the char would gain uncontrollable super sonic speed on the map.
Fixed a bug where the game would glitch when the storage was opened with the item menu up.
Fixed a cloning bug in the storage system.
Fixed another bug in the storage system where your character would disappear if you tried to move it into a full team.
Fixed a bug with the item system where characters could learn abilities twice.
Fixed another bug with the item system where the slots would sometimes mess up.
Fixed a bug where the spawn point was outside the map heading west from the Fire Kingdom.
Fixed a few of the spawn points heading north from the Fire Kingdom, a lot of points around the map are still off though.
Fixed a bug where the char would move across the screen as the battle progressed. You will be missed.
Fixed a bug where decimal values for some abilities were only dealing 1 dmg.
Added a discard feature for unwanted duplicate items.
Added some code to deal with the event of a full storage, you wont be able to keep recruited chars if your storage is full and you'll return to base upon any char defeat.
Added a feature to the storage which allows you to re-assign chars and remove them from your control to create storage space.
Added male villager to the game.
Added pink rabbits! They're super rare and harder to tame so keep an eye out.
Added a new map which contains some new tiles and is the first to feature a moving viewport! Allows me to make much bigger and more dynamic maps so it's pretty cool.
Added some more items around the map as drops, made some of the rabbit mobs rarer.

Absolutely massive update this week and even with that huge changelog I'm pretty sure I've missed a few things.
Shoutout to Dun for his help testing and finding bugs, the feedback has been really valuable.
Also started working on the tutorial this week, and the Halloween event is now over.
It's been really good to get a ton of time to work on the RPG this week and make heaps of progress, as always keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo

News 25/10/15:

Been super busy this week with a work trip and then a road trip, so I haven't really had any time.
Added a base image to the battle interface, need to make a few more and do some tweaking.
Halloween event will be active all this version, a mysterious ghost has appeared on one of the maps!
He'll give you a special abiltiy item for free, but does he have a secret agenda...?
Next thing I'll probably look at doing is making a tutorial, hopefully I'll get some more time to work on the game this week!

News 18/10/15:

Pretty massive update this week, I've had quite a bit of time so I've managed to get a lot done.
Changes this week:
Added the last map between the Water Kingdom and the Fire Kingdom. With the the ring road is complete! New map also features a new char.
Finished the new ai system by making a check to target the backline only on alternate turns.
Made some code to fix an issue where if your team was full and you recruited a new character they wouldn't go to your storage.
Fixed a bug where if a character in your team was defeated they'd leave a gap in the party which caused issues.
Did some work on stat changing moves, the level multiplier is now applied and I fixed a bug where you could reduce the enemies resistances below zero.
Discovered an oversight where Defense and Utility abilities weren't costing energy.
Added transparency to few sprites which were lacking it.
And finally, I've created a small Halloween event! It'll be unlocked for next weeks version 0.24 and features a special new ability!
Think that's all for this week, keep checking back for more updates.~

News 11/10/15:

More ai system work.~ Enemies will now randomly select which characters they attack.
Took a while to add this because I had to make three separate contingencies for team leaders, party members and summoned/conjured characters.
Still need to add a check for targeting the back line or not, hopefully to be added this week coming.
Added a new map, only one more to go to complete the outer map ring, which is pretty cool.
Been doing a lot of spriting lately in prep for a bit of storyline development and some upcoming events.
Probably going to do something small for Halloween as well like a limited edition ability item. Don't miss it!

News 4/10/15:

Spent a lot of time this week working on the ai system and it's up and running!
Might be a few bugs if I've made a mistake when entering and changing some of the old data, lemme know if you encounter any.
Currently the ai still only attack char 1 though, so changing this will be the next thing.

News 28/9/15:

Changes this week.~
- Fixed a small graphical bug with the battle system indicators.
- Fixed the Fire Empire map so you can leave in both directions.
- Added some code so that the map avatar matches the character in the first slot of your party.
The current map avatars are pretty terrible for the most part but they'll definitely be improved in time.
Currently there's only avatars for the main starting characters and bunnies but if you manage to promote another char to leader let me know and I'll add one.
Also made a start on re-working the ai system, hoping to get a lot more time to work on it this week. -Hippo

News 20/9/15:

Been pretty busy with work and other stuff this week so it's a pretty small update.
Working on improving the graphical side of things, I added transparency to a lot of sprites and created a few more map avatars.
Hoping to add the map avatars in this coming week so it'll change depending on what character is leading the team.
Also added a new map!
Gonna continue working on graphical stuff for a bit and then probably do a re-write of the ai system, been thinking of a few ways I can improve it.

News 13/9/15:

Been working on recruitment for summoning and conjuration, pretty much finished with it now, just need to add the items that let you learn the abilities.
I'm probably going to make these available through some major quests from the elemental kings, so it might be a few weeks yet.
In other changes this week I added a new map and you can now travel from the water kingdom to the fire kingdom! The long way around though. ;-;
Did a lot of work on adding clarity and improving the general look of the battle interface, this will continue to be a work in progress.
Added a new char, a new move, and fixed transparency on some of the sprites. Fixed a bug where the recruit values weren't reset between battles.
Think that's all from this version! Check back next week for more updates.~ -Hippo

News 6/9/15:

Changes this week:
-Storage system is now live! You can access it by pressing "s" while in base. Can move chars, name chars and change party leader if you have a certain attribute.
-There's a new page post battle which shows all the stats and abilities that gained exp during the battle and their levels.
-Changed spawn locations to the bases. Other bases can no longer be entered.
-Added a button to the battle system to send you straight back to to base and rest your team. This for when you run out of energy on a long adveture and can't attack any more.
-Fixed a small bug with the summoning and conjuration target system. Should hopefully have this live next week!
-Added transparency to the rabbit sprite. All these will be done eventually when I get around to it.
Massive update this week with a couple of features I've been working on for a long time being introduced. Storage system has an inbuilt random name generator which is really fun to play around with.
I think the next thing I'll be working on is the summoning and conjuration stuff along with much needed changes to the recruitment system.
Let me know what things you'd like to see worked on, and as always keep checking back for more updates. =) -Hippo.

News 30/8/15:

Did a massive amount of coding this week but unfortunately a lot of the changes wont be available or seen until future versions.
The battle system now supports Summoning and Conjuration. You should hopefully be able to summon and conjure characters in the next few weeks.
Started work on a post battle page to show exp gain and item drops. All the data for it is there I just need to express it on the page.
Also created a Markov name generator which creates unique names for characters! This was a bit of fun and should be available along with a manual name change feature soon.
Only real visible changes for this week are a base for the fire queen and a change in the way damage is calculated which takes ability level into account. Still have to balance this so you'll be seeing extra damage for a while.
That's it for this week, follow me on Twitter @xhippo for news about updates!

News 23/8/15:

I'm back. =) Had an amazing time on my holiday but it's good to be back and working on Etheldia again. Only had a few days but I've made some nice progress.
Changes this version:
- Did some work on the battle system and it now fully supports 5v5 battles.
- Fixed a battle system bug where you couldn't target the backline even after defeating the frontline.
- Added a message to show when unable to attack the backline.
- Added a new map to the east of the Air Kingdom.
That's all for this week, will continuing working on the battle system, hoping to add support for summoning and conjuration although it might be a bit more difficult.
I've also been thinking about adding a tutorial at some point, keep checking back for more updates! -Hippo.

News 1/8/15:

Updated this week:
- New map, you can now walk between the Earth and Air Kingdoms.
- Couple of new chars added.
- Air King has a tent now.
- Started implementing some battle system changes.
- Hit Points exp is added every time you get attacked.
I'll be away on holiday for the next few weeks so no updates for a little while.

News 26/7/15:

Been fighting with my item system for the last two days. I think I won... Some love for the Air Tribe this week.
Changes this version:
- Third quest! This one is available from the Air King.
- New map north of the Air King. Will be connected to the Earth Tribe next version.
- New NPC!
- Item system changes... Basically it's easier to access now. And hopefully it'll work. Press i to access your inventory when on the maps.
- Changed the way damage is calculated. I'm not sure if it's actually taking ability levels into account atm tho so I need to look into that.
I think that's everything. Might be a slightly earlier update next week. -Hippo

News 19/7/15:

Pretty big update this version. Changes include.~
- New quest! Available from the Fire Queen it involves taming a rabbit.
- New map! It's located south of the Earth King and will eventually join up with the Air King.
- New char! Find it south of the Earth King. It is tameable but the rate is pretty low. Also has the chance to drop a new kind of magic.
- Added a alert in the battle system that'll let you know if your taming attempt was successful or unsuccessful.
- Moved energy out of the battle system and into global so it'll slowly decrease as you're running around fighting. Yet to add a check to see if it's zero though.
- Fixed a map bug where you'd go to the wrong map when walking east towards the Water King.
- Fixed a map bug where you'd go to the wrong map when trying to enter the Earth King's tent.
That's pretty much it for this version. Will continue to add new quests and maps while I'm working on the battle system.
As always, keep checking back! You can follow me on Twitter @xhippo for info about updates.

News 12/7/15:

First quest has been created! Took a lot longer than I anticipated but all the background infrastructure has been putting into place now so it'll be much easier in future to add more.
The quest can be unlocked by talking to the Water King, which is only possible if you're from the Water or Earth tribe atm but I'll add quests for the other tribes in coming weeks.
It's a pretty simple quest but everyone's gotta start somewhere.
Other changes this version:
-Fixed a bug where you could change maps and encounter an enemy at the same time and both would load.
-Earth King now has a tent! The tent is a safe zone where you can't find enemies and will serve as a storage area and a base.
My next big focus will be on improving the battle system by increasing clarity and reducing bugs. Will also continue to roll out new maps and expand the world of Etheldia.
As always, keep checking back for new updates. =)

News 21/6/15:

Pretty busy with work this week, just a couple of small bug fixes and little changes. First quests next version!

News 14/6/15:

Been working on the quest system, doing a lot of thinking and planning about how it's going to work.
Not sure how much time I'll get over the next couple of weeks due to work, but it's not too far off.
Couple of small updates this week, fixed a bug from the last version, changed a few of the map spawn points and the Earth King has a tent!

News 7/6/15:

Got a lot done on the storage system this week and it's pretty much finished, just not accessible yet.
- New map! East of the Earth King. You can now walk from the Earth King to the Water King.
- New characters around the Air King. These spirits aren't obtainable yet but will be in future versions.
- You can now learn attributes! Attributes can be found as drops from enemies and used via the item menu. They're super rare tho.
Work will now begin on the quest system, hopefully I'll be able to have a few test quests up in the next few weeks! -Hippo

News 31/5/15:

0.07 now out! Spent most of this week working on a storage system, which is about 75% done. Been making good progress but it's pretty complicated.
Updates in this version include a couple of added maps and some new chars in certain areas. Looking to add a couple of little things every week.
Hopefully storage system will be done by next release, and then I can start on quests! -Hippo.

News 24/5/15:

Massive update, woo! Well. Maybe not that many noticeable differences, but I've spent a ton of time over the last few weeks working on the maps.
There's now collisions and NPC interactions, which opens the door for a lot of things in the coming weeks and months like quests and secret areas.
The map on which you spawn on loading the game is now dictated by which tribe you choose/chose, and there'll be some interesting quest and item choice differences depending on what you choose/chose.
I've added the first NPC's onto the map, and if you run into them, aka talk to them, they'll reveal a little about the world. Not much atm, but more to come.
Many thanks to Sirius for making me a custom avatar for the maps. It's currently the default avatar so it'll be the same regardless of character but that'll change as more are made.
Other things... Fixed another issue with the item system, should be good now. Still have to fix the main issue where you can only use it immediately after loading the game tho.
Also did some code for attributes, which will be used for... things. x:
Next priority will be creating the quest system, in the meantime I'll be adding little things like maps and characters and ironing out bugs so keep checking back each week!

News 3/5/15:

Small update this week because I've been spending most of my time re-doing the map system to support collisions, interactions and events. It's been really painful but after struggling for five days I've finally made a bit of a breakthrough and got my rabbit colliding with a campfire. It's better than it sounds trust me. In the live version I've fixed a few small things that weren't working with encounters and added something to let people know when the login fails. Also a bit of a style update due to a new Godot version which is kinda cool, the buttons look really sexy now. -Hippo.

News 25/4/15:

Early update this week 'cause I'm leaving later for a music festival!
- Fixed a bug where sometimes you wouldn't find an enemy and added a new char in the process. What is it? It's a secret. x:
- Fixed a major bug where abilities couldn't be taught.
- Fixed an issue where you could register without selecting a gender or tribe.
Really busy this week again with work every day and a four day work trip which meant I didn't even get time to code in the evening. Still managed to get a bit done, hopefully I should have a little bit more time next week. As always keep checking back, post in the chat if there's something you wanna see added. - Hippo.

News 19/4/15:

Version 0.03 yey.
-Fixed an issue where the stats would only update on login.
-Fixed an issue where the encounter would only trigger when walking to the right.
-Added a new character to the game, Flyguy! He's lurking around on some of the other maps so you'll have to explore a bit to find him.
-Did some back end connection work so that it's quicker and easier to update the game.

Been super busy this week with work, friends and family commitments so I've hardly had any time to code but I got as much done as I could. Hopefully next week I'll have a few days off to actually make some more progress, I really want to fix some of the more serious issues with the battle system, and experiment with the maps to see if I can get collisions and triggering to work. As always keep checking back for more updates, hope you guys have a great week. ^^ -Hippo.

News 12/4/15:

Version 0.02 is now out!
-Added item system and ability items.
-Defeated enemies now have a chance of dropping ability items.
-Ability items can be taught to characters!
-Balanced battle system to make early battles easier.
-Added end battle information display for greater clarity.
-Added HP exp gain from battles.
-Fixed bug where recruits weren't given any ability.

A lot of little things I wanted to fix but didn't get around to for this version, but the item system took a lot of work. There's now a bit more reward for battling, and if you can find and slay the dragon you'll get a really special ability item! Keep checking back for more updates! I know it kinda sucks to have to keep re-downloading each new version but at least the file size is small. Follow me on Twitter @xhippo for live updates!

News 5/4/15:

Welcome to Etheldia! ^^ Game is currently only available as a downloadable .exe, but eventually it'll be running from this url.
There's not much to do in the game at the moment but you can register, login, explore the maps, battle, and even recruit a rabbit if you're lucky!
Arrow keys are used to move around the maps, and in battle use the mouse to click on moves and then click on an enemy to attack.
There's still a lot of bugs in the game and it's very incomplete, so don't be too surprised if it crashes randomly or you have to refresh.
The plan is to update the game regularly with lots of small updates, new versions will be available here when released, and live updates will be posted on my Twitter @xhippo.
Thanks heaps to Jake helping me with all the issues, and to Nathaniel for the awesome dragon sprite. It's out there lurking somewhere, but be careful, it's powerful. o:
I first started working on this game back in Dec 2013, so it's great to finally be releasing it after so much time and so much hard work. =)
Hope you guys enjoy this first taste of Etheldia, keep checking back! -Hippo