Q: Etheldia didn't load properly?
A: This may be due to the changing of versions or a lack of available browser cache. In both cases you should be able to fix this by clearing your cache, which can be found in advanced browser settings.

Q: Why can't I enter the @ symbol on the registration page?
A: Email isn't really required for anything at the moment so you can skip adding it for the time being. This bug will be fixed at some point.

Q: Why wont my ability work? Nothing happens when I click on it.
A: Some abilities are ability classes, and rather than being an ability in themselves they allow you to learn abilities associated with them. For example, Attack is an ability class that allows you to learn the abilities Poke and Kick. Some ability classes also have their own abilties classes, for instance the ability class magic allows you to learn the ability class Fire, which then allows you to learn the ability Cinder.